This week saw the completion of our first solar panel installation. it was completed on a lovely sunny day, so between commissioning and dusk, the system generated 1.7kw. 

I returned on Friday to have a look at the meter that we had installed and found that the system had generated 48kw in 5 days. Thats enough to run a washing machine for 30 cycles. The weather wasn't even particularly good last week.

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New supply during building work

A customer called me out to look at a problem. He wanted to build a large single story wrap around extension encompassing the area of an existing lean to utility room. 

Unfortunately the exiting consumer unit was in the utility room, so when the building is demolished it would be open to the elements, in addition, the supply cable runs under the concrete floor of the existing extension. This floor will have to be broken up to build the new extension. No work can start until the supply is moved.

We made arrangements with the electricity board to move the supply temporarily, then we moved the consumer unit to an under stair cupboard and attended the same day as the electricity board to run a temporary supply overhead into the house. 

Now building work can start and the customer will be able to continue to live in the main house while the works are undertaken.

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